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Ben Clement

Visual Designer

Design is hard work, it's a wonder that it's so fun: fun to do, to see, to interact with. All the goods people create and all the work people do for others, takes a bit of design to make it useful. The better the design the more useful it becomes. Design is the spoon full of sugar & the grease on the wheels. Design makes life fun, it's a wonder it's such hard work.

I do freelance design here in the Majestic Pacific Northwest. My main areas of expertise are graphics, illustration, identity design, and interface design. I've helped create infographics as well as visual solutions & guides for companies like Catchy, Paysafe, Qualcomm, and Zebra. I also make fun graphics for friends and for myself.

If you have a project you think I could help on, let's toss around some ideas.