It's so fun to have fun & make pretty!

Accumulating decorations for her own dinner parties, and with enough pushing from her guests, Mel decided that it was time to share the love and bring her crafty parties out of her home to share.

Mel specializes in prop styling photography shoots, event planning and styling, floral arrangements, interior decorating and shopping. With the passion to make your home or event beautiful and inspiring, Mel delivers hand painted paper cups, flower arrangements, menu planning, curating playlists, paper crafts, fabric garlands, beautiful backdrops, curious found objects, repurposed items and vintage and timeless table settings.


It's what we do.

Prop Styling

Using thoughtful collaborations of craft, antique, found and repurposed objects and a dash of newness to set photographs for editorial publications, catalogs, print campaigns that tells a story and creates a memory.


Unique and inspired floral arrangements for graduations, banquets, weddings and all your other ceremonial or ornamental needs.


Curating fun and organizing special events, to make the golden memories that will last in the minds of your friends and family.

Photography Styling

Wild Orchard Children with live buffalo. Wild Orchard Children with live cougar. Ben Huh and Iris Founder and leader or Seattle aerial arts group “The Aerialistas” Lara Paxton with aerialist Elizabeth Rose Kay Kay and the Weather Underground Jenna Conrad


Coming soon!


Coming Soon!


Handmade Decorations and Repurposed Objects for your home or party.

Color Dipped Serving Spoons

Gold Dipped Feathers

Vintange Flower Dish

Hand Painted Paper Cups

Vintage Ceramic Bowls

Vintage Napkins

Vintage Steak Knives

Painted Bottles

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