pine bee


Into The Gold

A site to Showcase Melanie's broad styling capabilities and an eventual portal to her Etsy shop. She had some wonderful photos that were a delight to showcase in the design.


A1 Yoga

A Wordpress site I did for Dylan's Yoga practice. His idea was to keep the site quiet and calm, as you would expect from a yoga instructor.


Washington Junior Golf Association

A Wordpress site I helped design as part of a team of my fellow classmates. The other designer and I handled the UX, the UI, the styling as well as graphics and a logo redesign.


Anchors Down

A site for a former bar in Ballard Washington. My Clients wanted the website to have the same nautical themed fun as their establishment, so I dove right in and got carried away by the sea.



Anomalous Phenomenon was a story I wrote quite a while ago. I thought it would be fun to make a website for it that reflected some of the out-dated military devices and unexplainable photos the story talks about.


Raygun Games

This was a school exercise for a commerce site. Making categories, login pages, and a cart was nice practice in UX / UI.